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Taemin's naver interview #6 IMPORTANT!!
Q: while meeting with your fans alone, i heard you cried
Taemin: i think you heard it wrong! (laughs). actually.... i cried a lot. that time, that feeling.. how should i say it, i was filled with emotions. i shook hands with the fans. whenever the fans meet me, they always say nice things to me. one by one said "you've worked hard" "good job", and it started building up within me. that sincerity really reached me, the memories i had while doing shinee's activities flashed by, i was really happy and glad that fans are there to support me, it was only natural that i got emotional. actually i'm not the type to cry often but at that moment, i couldn't stop the tears. i'm really grateful
cr: vanillahaato


Taemin 태민_괴도 (Danger)